Yara East Africa collaborates with farmers to edify tech-driven farming

Yara East Africa collaborates with farmers to edify tech-driven farming

Yara East Africa Ltd., a fertilizer manufacturer based in Kenya, has reportedly collaborated with farmers for building service centers where smallholder growers can learn life-changing farming practices. According to Yara East Africa, it aims to look after the food insecurity happening due to climate change, population increase, and shrinking agricultural land.

The award program brings together industry stakeholders, headed by Yara East Africa, in collaboration with Farm to Market Alliance (FtMA), to provide smallholder farmers with technological know-how that encourages new farming practices that produces high-quality crops.

The program will empower Farmers' representatives with the most up-to-date agricultural techniques combined with training focal individuals to pass on their knowledge to other farmers through demonstration farms and information sessions.

Kepha Makori, Yara East Africa agronomist, stated that players operating in the agriculture segment had come forward together to explore ways to prevent emerging food security challenges. Even though the land under cultivation is decreasing continuously due to rising population, they have to ensure that the farm produce feeds everyone.

Makori said that their firm hopes that its objective to feed the globe is being realized, and farmers are now adopting new farming techniques.

Yara East Africa's willingness to provide personalized and sustainable solutions ranging from soil testing to improved farmer interaction and training is the key to solve food insecurity. He added that food insecurity is one of the fundamental challenges for humans, which can be addressed jointly.

Reportedly, Yara East Africa has been educating farmers to improve production in various counties across East Africa. The company has started a series of farmer training seminars on crop nutrition and precision farming. The goal is to assist farmers in increasing yields and improving product quality while minimizing negative environmental and social impacts.

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