Standard Bank & HUAWEI partner to elevate digital banking in South Africa

Standard Bank & HUAWEI partner to elevate digital banking in South Africa

Standard Bank, a leading financial institution in South Africa, has reportedly joined forces with HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) to introduce cutting-edge digital banking solutions to its clientele in the country.

Belinda Rathogwa, the Executive Head of Digital & eCommerce for Personal & Private Banking at Standard Bank South Africa, expressed excitement about the partnership. She was quoted stating that the collaboration would bring the ease of mobile banking to users. Through the app, customers can benefit from various services, such as checking their credit score, opening savings accounts, and purchasing data, airtime, or electricity.

Over the past three years, both Standard Bank and Huawei have worked closely to integrate HMS capabilities, ensuring seamless compatibility between the banking app and the phone’s ecosystem. As part of this collaboration, safety detection features will be implemented to authenticate app users while a universal app downloads campaign will expand digital banking to over 300,000 Huawei users.

In supporting this partnership, HMS provides Standard Bank with resources, tools, technical support, and incentives to optimize their apps for Huawei devices. This will help businesses develop and deliver top-notch digital banking solutions to customers.

Recognizing the role of technology in driving Africa's growth and development, Standard Bank sees this collaboration as a means to provide its clients with tailored digital banking solutions. With many of their customers already accessing the banking app on Huawei devices, the partnership signifies a strategic step to meet their evolving needs.

As per industry experts, the collaboration between Standard Bank and Huawei showcases a shared commitment to innovation and redefining digital banking. By leveraging each other's strengths, they aim to extend their reach and cater to a broader audience of Huawei users, bringing advanced and tailored services to the fingertips of customers in South Africa.


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