UPS partners with Jumia to strengthen its logistics services in Africa

UPS partners with Jumia to strengthen its logistics services in Africa

Jumia, a leading e-commerce platform, has announced collaboration with UPS, a global premium package delivery firm, providing the company access to its last-mile logistics capabilities and infrastructure to expand its delivery services across Africa.

Leveraging Jumia’s infrastructure in Africa, UPS will offer its users an extended variety of delivery solutions such as door-to-door package collection and delivery along with multiple payment options.

As per reports, the collaboration will also allow UPS to make use of the widespread network of Jumia’s pick-up and drop-off stations to expand the coverage and reach of UPS across multiple cities and towns in Africa.

The partnership will primarily cover Morocco, Kenya, and Nigeria with a vision for the expansion to Ivory Coast and Ghana and later to the African nations where Jumia works.

Apoorva Kumar, Senior Vice President of Logistics at Jumia stated that 10 years earlier, during the beginning of their journey, logistics infrastructure was the most demanding part of their operating environment.

However, the challenge acted as a catalyst to develop an unparallel logistics platform providing the consumers and sellers with convenient, reliable, and cost-effective delivery services in Africa.

Apoorva mentioned that Jumia is trying to provide other businesses with its assistance in overcoming challenges by offering access to its logistics platform.

Kumar added that the firm is delighted by the opportunity to collaborate with UPS to provide last mile solutions in Africa.

The company sees this collaboration as a validation of the power of its logistics platform and an incentive to multiply the Jumia’s efforts to further grow its services and develop a top-notch logistics business in Africa.

Gregory Goba Ble, Vice President, Operations and Engineering for Indian Subcontinent, Africa and Middle East, UPS, commented that the collaboration will assist small and medium businesses in Africa that make up 90% of total businesses in the continent and are the backbone of the economy.

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