Talmix and Khibraty Partner to Transform MENA Business Talent Access

Talmix and Khibraty Partner to Transform MENA Business Talent Access

Talmix and Khibraty, two prominent marketplaces in the business talent and expertise sectors, have reportedly joined forces in a strategic partnership to revolutionize the way businesses in the MENA region access talent and consulting services. This collaboration addresses the rising demand for specialized skills and the growing popularity of on-demand workforce models.

The two companies aim to offer clients a comprehensive and efficient solution by combining their expertise, networks, and advanced platform technologies. Leveraging Khibraty's deep regional knowledge and Talmix's extensive talent network, businesses will have access to a broader pool of skilled professionals and a simplified process for engaging the right talent to meet their specific needs.

CEO of Talmix, Sandeep Dhillon, reportedly expressed enthusiasm about the partnership and stated that the MENA region is witnessing a significant surge in demand for specialized expertise. The collaboration will revolutionize on-demand talent access for businesses and lead the rapidly evolving market, Dhillon added.  

Notably, Khibraty has already established itself as a prominent digital marketplace in the MENA region, and its strong grasp of local dynamics makes it an ideal partner for Talmix to expand its presence in the region.

Caroline Ayoub, COO of Khibraty, was quoted saying that by partnering with Talmix, the company will create a talent solution that caters to the region's specific needs and its aspiration to maximize upskilling of local talent. She fyrther added that the shared vision of the two firms to promote the use of an extended workforce will enable delivery of transformative solutions to clients, fostering the MENA business ecosystem.

For the record, both Talmix and Khibraty are members of the Freelancer First Study Group, an esteemed group of CEOs of 15 platforms, established by industry thought leaders Matt Mottola and Jon Younger. The group shares a philosophy of enhancing financial, professional, and personal success for the millions of independent professionals who contribute to the freelance revolution.

Together, Talmix and Khibraty will usher in a new era of on-demand business talent in the MENA region, empowering businesses to access world-class expertise and meeting the unique needs of the region's evolving market.


Source Credit: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20230619623088/en/Talmix-and-Khibraty-Join-Forces-to-Revolutionize-On-Demand-Business-Talent-in-the-MENA-Region