New EVs are less reliable than petrol and diesel cars, survey finds

New EVs are less reliable than petrol and diesel cars, survey finds

British consumer group and magazine, Which?, has reportedly claimed that new electric vehicles may considerably less reliable than their fossil fuel powered counterparts. In a recent survey by the consumer group, it was found that approximately 31% of electric car owners have reported issues in their vehicles within the first four years of buying, in comparison to 19% petrol car owners and 29% diesel car owners.

The survey also found that faulty EVs have to spend a longer time off the road, about five days, as compared to just three days taken by petrol cars and four days by diesel cars.

The results from the survey, undertaken by 48,000 people, showed a contradiction to the common perception of EVs being more reliable than diesel and petrol cars for having lesser moving parts.

However, according to the drivers that were surveyed, the common problem in electric cars was found to be a software issue rather than a battery or motor issue.

The survey also found that the most reliable vehicle by users across any fuel type is a full hybrid, a car that comes with a battery that is recharged by the main combustion engine.

EVs have been gaining popularity amongst consumers of recent, with the UK government announcing plans to ban the sale of new diesel and petrol cars from 2030 in the country. Out of the 57,000 cars covered by the survey, 2,184 were EVs.

According to the British trade association Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, plug-in or hybrid vehicles have accounted for every 1 out of 6 new cars registered in the country last year.

Lisa Barber, Home Products and Service Editor, Which? magazine, stated that there is a major opportunity for carmakers to step up their game and offer more reliable vehicles.

Barber stated that Which? is aware that drivers are very eager to switch to more environment-friendly cars, but stressed that they should be getting a quality product as well.

Barber also added that, with electric cars in particular, the organization’s research indicated that having a premium price tag did not equate to it being a reliable product, which is why the brand always encourages drivers to do their research on which cars and brands can be trusted before making such a big purchase.

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