Engrain, REBA unite to add Unit Map in REBA’s business intelligence platform

Engrain, REBA unite to add Unit Map in REBA’s business intelligence platform

Engrain, a leading market player in mapping, interactive touring, and data visualization software for the built environment, has announced collaborating with Real Estate Business Analytics (REBA) to adjoin Unit Map into latter’s business intelligence platform.

As per credible sources, the integration of Unit Map will let REBA BI customers to spatially visualize historic and present property data at the most granular level and gain the contextual insights that are unavailable using a chat view or traditional spreadsheet.

Reportedly, data visualization uplifts the power of property data by enabling operations professionals and asset managers to make confident and quicker business decisions with visual insights that offer an in-depth understanding of property performance.

Brent Steiner, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Engrain, stated that the team is excited about the REBA collaboration to configure Unit Map in its robust analytics platform.

Brent mentioned that REBA BI helps customers make fast data-powered decisions. In addition, incorporating map visualization over REBA’s extensive data sets will impact the clients to spot patterns, trends, and outliers in the data.

According to reports, users of REBA BI dashboard will visualize both historic and present data by utilizing geospatial, 2D, and 3D modes of their physical assets.

Not to mention, incorporating maps will make it easier to understand where something is unappealing or appealing geographically about a side, an area, or a particular floor in a community.

Teams will be able to spot trends, gain clarity around unit-specific nuances, and reasons for increased-turnover units that might affect NOI and leasing.

Donald Davidoff, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, REBA, mentioned that location is of utmost importance and all units are not created equally, even after being labelled in a transaction report as having same features.

Donald added that integrating Unit Map with data warehouse of REBA will provide visual context required to present the full picture of the property performance and they are excited to extend actionable and powerful data to the clients.   

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