Bayelsa & Zipline partner to facilitate medical deliveries via drones

Bayelsa & Zipline partner to facilitate medical deliveries via drones

Nigeria’s Bayelsa State Government has reportedly announced partnering with Zipline, a logistics global leader, to leverage the drone technology of Zipline to boost the medical supply of medicines, blood and other medical supplies, across health units in the state.

The agreement will enable Zipline to set-up a distribution hub in the Bayelsa State to ensure proper introduction, maintenance and operation of just-in-time rapid logistics solutions for the delivery of life-saving drugs and other essential medical supplies in the Bayelsa State.

Upon completion, the facility will potentially operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week with well equipped Zipline’s drones for deliveries.

H.E. Douye Diri, Governor of Bayelsa State stated that the government is aiming to provide a reliable health delivery system in the region and is working towards eliminating barriers that mitigate easy delivery of medical supplies to the state’s health facilities.

Diri mentioned that the distribution of required medical supplies to difficult to reach areas and remote areas not only save lives, but also facilitates management of excessive waste production generated from expired medicines.

Keller Rinaudo, Chief Executive Officer, Zipline, commented that the firm is pleased to collaborate with Government of Bayelsa to implement the fast delivery of the healthcare facilities in the state.

As per claims by Daniel Marfo, Senior Vice President of Zipline, the firm will start the manufacturing process instantly to deliver it by the stated timeline. Apparently, the process involves construction of a hub to store and deliver the medical supplies and hire team members from Bayelsa.

As per credible sources, to ensure continuous and sustainable availability of medical commodities for delivery, the Government of Bayelsa State represented by Ministry of Health, has agreed to a contract with Drugstoc, Sterling Bank, Health Spaces and Zipline, to ensure safe and affordable availability of essential medical drugs to all residents of the state.

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