Plant immune system riddle solved through latest research

Scientists have long been looking for an answer to one of the key questions about plant immune system – how do plants build resilience? Finally

Study looks at benefits of feminine brand name

Scientists have analyzed brand names, their gender inclination from the linguistic perspective and determined that feminine brand name have their bene

Tourists can be motivated to exhibit environment friendly behaviour

Scientists have shown through a new study in Frontiers in Communication that it is possible to nudge tourists around the world to exhibit an

Rainy season in California late by a month than 60 years ago

Through a new study published by scientists in AGU’s journal Geophysical Research Letters, it has been pointed out that California’s

After Jura and Utah, a new appearance of a metal monolith, this time in Canada

It resembles those which appeared in recent weeks in the desert of Utah (United States) and certain European countries such as France since a column a

The number of deaths due to corona infection has crossed 17 lakh; Thirteen countries, including India, have banned flights to and from the UK

The appearance of corona is becoming lethal all over the world. The death toll from the transition has now crossed 1.7 million. Now 10 to 12 thousand