YouTube to reward short video creators with its new Shorts Fund scheme

YouTube to reward short video creators with its new Shorts Fund scheme

YouTube has recently announced rewards for artists and creators of unique and creative short videos through its YouTube Shorts Fund particularly in the region of United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Bahrain, Morocco and Bahrain. The $100M global fund has already been initiated and is available across markets in all these countries.

Apparently, Shorts is a new attribute by YouTube launched recently for all the creative members willing to make catchy, short videos from their mobile phones. Reportedly, the YouTube’s Shorts player platform, which enables users to watch these short videos, is receiving 15 billion views a day.

Tarek Amin, YouTube Director in Middle East and North Africa stated that there has been a significant growth in the creation and viewership of YouTube ever since the launch of Shorts and the channel has helped the creative artists to utilize their talent as a business opportunity in MENA.

He added these creators have been successful in turning their talent into an income source of five-six figures from YouTube growing continuously.

Amin firmly believes that implementation of the Shorts Fund is the most sought out step as YouTube has long-term monetization plans for the Shorts video creation platform.

As per credible sources, the eligibility criteria required for qualifying for the fund include that the participant channels should have at least one short video in the last 180 days along with agreeing to all the guidelines by YouTube. Besides, videos with watermarks, third-party videos, reuploaded videos from another creator’s will not be eligible. Lastly, creators should meet the age criteria of their regions.

Reportedly, channels that qualify for the fund can earn an amount between $100-$10,000 USD every month along with bonus based on their short’s performance.

Speculations have it that YouTube has funded around $30 billion to artists, creators and media companies throughout the Middle east and North African regions.