World Bank boosts primary healthcare in Ghana with $300Mn IDA support

World Bank boosts primary healthcare in Ghana with $300Mn IDA support

The World Bank has reportedly announced IDA support worth $300 million for the Public Financial Management (PFM) encompassing $150 million for Service Delivery Program and the remaining $150 million in the Primary Health Care Investment Program.

The capital aid is intended to help Ghana focus on not only public resource mobilization but also on accountability in order to improve service delivery along with the quantity and quality of primary healthcare.

Pierre Laporte, World Bank Ghana Country Director for Liberia, Ghana & Sierra Leone, mentioned that supporting the Government of Ghana raise additional finance will mark a potential investment in the human capital of Ghana’s population.

Moreover, the World Bank aims to help Ghana control expenditure and ensure that the spending efficiency across health and education services along with other sectors in Ghana is effectively maximized.

According to credible sources, the healthcare-focused program will primarily support the Government of Ghana’s goal of facilitating primary healthcare at the sub-district level and enhancing both accessibility and quality of essential care services.

Beyond ensuring networking of primary healthcare services, the program will also strengthen major management and financing systems – in conjunction with the PFM Program.

Focusing on the poor and vulnerable communities of Ghana, the program will aid improvements in the coverage of the National Health Insurance Scheme.

Meanwhile, the PFM for service delivery initiatives will enable Ghana to improve public resource mobilization to amplify fiscal space and ensure greater resource allocation for public investment, which will help Ghana mitigate its debt situation.

Building upon the government’s plan for improving resource allocation, the program will align with government priorities by supervising subsidies and funds to state-owned entities for upgrading performance, disclosure, transparency, and accountability via effective oversight.

With better budget execution and accountability, Ghana can offer better service delivery.

For the same, the program will focus on efficient budget execution by providing allocated budgets to all the Ministries, Departments, and Agencies so that they can function smoothly and eventually dedicate focus to enhancing service delivery.

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