WHO delivers essential life-saving health supplies to Sudan

WHO delivers essential life-saving health supplies to Sudan

The World Health Organization (WHO) has reportedly announced delivering essential health supplies and vital medicines from it’s Dubai logistic hub to Khartoum, Sudan. This has been done to cater to the medical needs of 1.5 million people of Sudan and to protect more than 300,000 front-line health workers.

This health aid service represents the leading air bridge made between the United Arab Emirates and Sudan.

As per credible sources, 25 shipments altogether have been supplied to Sudan from the logistic hub in Dubai, valued at over USD 1.4 million. Also, in the year 2020, Sudan received medical aid shipment worth USD 900,000.

Commenting on the recent accomplishment, WHO representative in Sudan, Nima Abid expressed her gratitude toward Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for enabling WHO to transport the supplies to Sudan in his royal aircraft and for facilitating rest of the flights. She added that the medical supplies will help save lives and eliminate the suffering of people of Sudan.

For the uninitiated, the medical aid will be distributed amongst health units in 18 states throughout Sudan. The WHO logistics hub in Dubai is also stationing technical staff along with the supplies to facilitate the operation.

Dr. Abid also quoted that Sudan continues to face disruptions from the impact of global supply chain which has caused delays in transportation and supply of lifesaving medicines.

The scare of water borne diseases caused by heavy rains in the country and the exposed population calling out for medical assistance will be further catered by the relief medical aid flights from Dubai, added Abid.

According to official sources, WHO has reportedly offered medical assistance in the Eastern Mediterranean Region efficiently due to the presence of its logistics hub in Dubai.

Essentially, the WHO supplied medicines worth nearly USD 90 million in 120 countries across the world during the pandemic.

Source:- https://www.africanews.com/2021/10/25/who-delivers-essential-health-supplies-to-sudan/