WHO declares Africa’s withdrawal from the COVID-19 pandemic phase

WHO declares Africa’s withdrawal from the COVID-19 pandemic phase

The COVID-19 pandemic has been lingering in the global economy since the last two years and has transformed the conventional ways of living life completely with imposition of lockdowns, curfews and introduction to online work and schooling. But with the massive roll out of vaccines across the world, most of the countries are reverting to the old ways of living.

According to the World Health Organization, Africa is reportedly transitioning out of the pandemic stage and moving towards the phase where the country will manage the virus long term.

Dr. Matshidiso Moeti commented that the COVID-19 pandemic is moving to a different stage now. And with the vaccination process gaining momentum day by day, the continent is about to reach the endemic phase of the virus.

Moeti, on the other hand, also claimed that the total number of active COVID infections in Africa are predicted to be seven times higher than the official number provided. He added that the continent is well aware of its surveillance system problems and the country has underestimated the total cases.

Allegedly, people suggest that the undercounting of number of cases in the countries with weak health surveillance system is the reason for incorrect input on the infection and death rates in the last two years.

As per Johns Hopkins University, the total tally of infections throughout Africa stood at more than 11 million with deaths ranging at 250,000 as of February 10, which according to claims by WHO could be possibly 70 million and 750000 respectively.

Hans Kluge, European Regional Director, WHO, commented that Africa might enter into a long period of tranquility as a result of the ceasefire in the pandemic due to the less severe variant Omicron.

Kluge further stated that the 53-country region, including UK, is in a phase of higher protection which could bring enduring peace even if a new and more dangerous variant emerges.

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