WHO announces 6 African countries to establish mRNA vaccine production

WHO announces 6 African countries to establish mRNA vaccine production

Amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic vaccine developments, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General at World Health Organization (WHO) announced that mRNA vaccine manufacturing will now be established across various African countries including Kenya, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Senegal and Tunisia.

WHO made the announcement at an event held by France, European Council, South Africa and WHO in the presence of South African, French and European Council Presidents- Cyril Ramaphosa, Emmanuel Macron, and Charles Michel.

As per credible reports, Chief at WHO stated that COVID-19 pandemic has reflected that the dependence on a few organizations for supply of goods worldwide is dangerous and limiting.

Officials mentioned that to meet the global health emergencies and attain universal health coverage in the long run, all the regions need to stir up the manufacturing capacity to produce the health products with unbiased access as their primary endpoint.  

The South African President commented that this initiative will enable own vaccine production in Africa, giving mutual recognition and respect, infrastructural investments, funding to the economy and a chance to give back to the continent in many ways.

Macron stated that the reformed public health facilities, supporting African economic development, and sovereignty are the core goals to strengthen regional manufacturing in Africa.

Charles declared the necessity to form an environment in which every health worker, scientist and government can come on board for a shared cause. He added that the nation needs to work together to develop new solutions to guard the health and lives of people.

As per reports, to make sure all the countries have their own health technology and vaccine manufacturing technologies, WHO has established a biomanufacturing workforce training center for training people from across the globe who are interested in clinical and scientific research and production capacity.

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