Veriforce buys ComplyWorks Africa, sets up operational hub for EMEA

Veriforce buys ComplyWorks Africa, sets up operational hub for EMEA

Veriforce, a leading solution provider in the supply-chain risk and compliance management industry, has reportedly announced that it has acquired ComplyWorks Africa (Pty) Ltd., a South Africa-based provider of supply-chain compliance management solutions for the energy and mining sectors.

According to reports, the proposed takeover also establishes Veriforce’s main operational hub in the region, helping it cover the Europe, Middle East and Africa region; more commonly known as the EMEA.

Established back in 2011 by brothers TJ Snyman and Ben Snyman, and Nicolai Massyn as ‘SnymanVentures Inc.’, the integration of ComplyWorks Africa into the EMEA operations of Veriforce not only brings the latter’s brand to novel territories, but also consolidates the its global commitment to helping enterprises navigate intricate regulatory and safety environments, manage third-party workforce, and take care of environmental sustainability and business continuity risk.

Colby Lane, CEO, Veriforce and the combined company, stated that the firm’s mission; 'help bring workers back home safely' goes beyond borders, requiring a much more comprehensive approach on an international scale.

Lane added that the success seen by ComplyWorks Africa greatly bolsters the company’s global commitment, while ideally positioning Veriforce for a more extensive expansion of service and world-class capabilities.

Nicolai Massyn, former ComplyWorks Africa president, stated that as enterprises shift their gaze beyond risk management and safety, and toward ESG and sustainability matters, providing global support as well as thought leadership to enterprises is becoming increasingly important.

Massyn added that the company is thrilled to join team Veriforce and broaden the react of the market's most comprehensive supply chain risk management solution.

As per the company, through the proposed takeover, Veriforce has strengthened its global capacity of delivering support to customers across 100 nations, delivering services in 120 languages. The deal also builds on innovative technologies that augment global compliance as well as emphasis ESG requirements.

Reports cite, the financial details pertaining to the proposed takeover have not been disclosed to the general public as of yet.

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