UN spends $2Mn on a joint program for social protection in Nigeria

UN spends $2Mn on a joint program for social protection in Nigeria

Faizat Badmus-Busari, Manager of joint SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) projects in Nigeria has reportedly spent $2 million through a joint program on social protection in the country.

Faizat mentioned that the program received the funding from Sustainable Development Goals fund, offered to various UN (United Nations) secretariats by donations from numerous nations.

It has been reported that the countries offered $2 million to execute this project which was implemented at both state and federal levels.

As per claims by Ms. Faizat, the $2 million has been invested in capacity buildings, cash transfers, health insurance, and overhead and operational costs.

Faizat has also made sure that out of the 6000 beneficiaries of the program, 600 pregnant females received $13.66 (N5300) each through cash transfers in transportation reimbursement.

As per credible sources, four UN agencies, namely, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), World Food Program (WFP), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and International Labor Organization (ILO), together implemented the social protection project.

Reportedly, the two-year project which closed out in Abuja, backed the institutionalization of social protection across Nigeria by forming a social protection bill.

Matthias Schmale, Humanitarian Coordinator and United Nations Resident in Nigeria expressed hope in the Nigerian government on prioritizing social protection to have a clear policy. This would also imply a national policy which needs to be duplicated at the state level and money needs to be put into it.

Matthias further shed light on the importance of cash transfers in driving the Nigerian population out of poverty.

It was also stated that if Nigerian government wants to uplift its 100 million people out of poverty, the main key is the economy.

For the record, the project has tried to guarantee that states have the right structure and policy to help children and women to access services in a more friendly way at state levels where social protection is vital.

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