Tanzania aims to become a hub for digital innovation & economy in Africa

Tanzania aims to become a hub for digital innovation & economy in Africa

Tanzania’s ambition of becoming a center for digital economy and innovation across Africa is about to become a reality with the rolling out of new strategies by the government.

Reportedly, stakeholders at the third Innovation and Tech Forum conference organized by the Media Convergence in partnership with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) have advised the country to establish an enabling environment for the young startups and innovators.

The conference gathered stakeholders across telecoms, creative agencies, governments, and innovators who aimed to propose ways in which Tanzania can become a digital hub.

Moreover, they also outlined the prevailing challenges that need to be addressed by governments; like the digital economic strategies, which the young investors can easily grasp, but require constant guidance on online issues.

Jim Yonazi, Permanent Secretary, Information and Communications Technology, stated that the government has been incorporating efforts, like ensuring facilitation of communication amongst masses via phones and ICT devices by waving off taxes from these gadgets.

Jim commented that this is to make sure that despite prevalence of communication tools, people are themselves equipped to utilize them.

Additionally, Jim further quoted that the government has been increasing the telecommunications budget where the National ICT Broadband Backbone (NICTB) endures to spread and has surpassed 8,300 kilometers till now.

As per credible reports, Jim aims to reach to the mark of 15,000 kilometers by 2025 ensuring that all the citizens have access to connectivity. He added that the government wants to empower the women in the digital economy in the modern realm.

For the uninitiated, to ensure the safety and security of the digital economic system, the government will plan special training for the government officials aiming to create a favorable environment for the flourishment of digital economy. 

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