Puma Energy’s Future Energies to build solar plant in Ghana

Puma Energy’s Future Energies to build solar plant in Ghana

  • The company is slated to develop a solar project with 422kW capacity with a battery capacity of 224kW
  • The project would mark as the initial step to transform energy dependence of Africa

Singaporean oil firm- Puma Energy that focuses on sustainable energy through its “Future Energies” arm has reportedly decided to initiate solar and battery-led production in Ghana, Africa. Notably, Puma Energy aims at setting up solar and other renewable energy production across the globe.

The company has committed to building a strong sustainable infrastructure. In addition to the above, the proposed project in Ghana carries a capacity of 422kW with a battery capacity of 224kW.

According to Henry Osei, Manager of Puma Energy, the novel project marks the initial step to transform the energy dependence of Africa, with Ghana being the first nation to showcase the first steps of energy transition across Africa.  

Apart from Puma’s latest offering, the Abu Dhabi fund for development inked a deal for a major solar project. From the year 2011, Ghana attracted over 2,000 MW solar installations.  

Seemingly, with the highest per capita Income, Ghana is being highly preferred for sustainable energy business. In the year 2011, with the soaring temperatures in Ghana started affecting the lives of the people, the government decided on gaining at least 10% of energy from sustainable sources.

Although by the end of 2020, the nation was only at 5% due to changing times and the improving adoption of sustainable sources.

As per an official statement by Puma Energy, the company is focusing on various areas apart from production and manufacturing. They are also aiming at going digital. The digital segment comprises monitoring installed clean energy sources and later studying the collated data along with the mobile payment options.

Source Credit: https://techstory.in/west-africas-solar-plant-by-puma-energys-future-energies/