Power Grid & Africa50 to launch first transmission project in Kenya

Power Grid & Africa50 to launch first transmission project in Kenya

Power Grid Corporation of India Limited, POWERGRID, has recently inked a Joint Development Agreement with Africa50 to spearhead the development of Kenya Transmission Project backed by a public-private partnership.

Under the public-private partnership (PPP) framework, both companies will develop, finance, construct and operate two transmission lines, namely 220kV Kisumu-Musaga, and 400kV Lessos-Loosuk.

Post completion, the project will be recognized as the very first Independent Power Transmission (IPT) in Kenya and will be elemental in financing Africa’s transmission lines driven by the PPP model.

It has been claimed that the novelty project will enhance supply as well as reliability of power transmission across Western Kenya and will further illustrate the significance of private sector investments in expanding Africa’s power transmission networks.

Crucial to note that the region’s power transmission networks are deemed fundamental in mitigating its existing inconsistent and unsatisfactory electricity access.

As a part of the pioneering project, POWERGRID will offer technical and operational expertise to the project, whereas the pan-African infrastructure platform will contribute its product development and finance-related skills.

Moreover, Africa50 will also act as the connecting link between the private investors and the government of Kenya.

The partnership project underpins both Africa50 and POWERGRID’s commitment to continually provide resources for the purpose of boosting development activities associated with the project.

Commenting on the latest accomplishment, Chairman and Managing Director, POWERGRID, K. Sreekant, mentioned that the company is optimistic of the first PPP-based transmission project in Kenya in collaboration with Africa50, highlighting the importance of transmission in ensuring efficient electricity supply chain.

Sreekant added that a solid transmission network will induce reliability as well as security into the electricity grid and enable both buyers and sellers with non-discriminatory access, which onsets competitive electricity pricing.

With this project, POWERGRID hopes for more transmission initiatives to expand in Kenya along with other countries of Africa.

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