Pfizer Nigeria supports free breast cancer screening to boost awareness

Pfizer Nigeria supports free breast cancer screening to boost awareness

Pfizer Nigeria’s Cluster Lead and Country Manager, West Africa, Mr. Olayinka Subair, has reportedly stated that the firm is committed to Improving the lives of patients and minimizing inequalities in cancer care.

Subair mentioned that the company recently reflected its commitment to health equity by backing Leah Foundation and Medicaid Cancer Foundation to offer free breast cancer screening to women.

As per credible reports, Subair declared that the screening has been provided as part of activities for the World Cancer Day to women in the states of Kebbi, Abuja, Kwara, Niger, Oyo and Kogi.

Apparently, the free breast cancer screening has been offered by the foundation to attract attention to the early diagnosis in order to save lives.

Subair commented that the team is aiming to close the care gap by providing access to knowledge and accurate information related to cancer and empower everyone as equality in health is only attainable when everyone has the chance to reach their health potential without limitations or barriers. 

As per sources, Pfizer’s legacy in breast cancer ranges over two decades with a robust foundation in development and research to guarantee support for the breast cancer patients.

Mr. Lanre Bello, Executive Director at Leah Foundation, stated that Pfizer’s involvement has been life saving as most of the women from the rural areas had no knowledge about breast cancer, pointing out the need to do more in terms of screenings and advocacy.

For the record, Lanre requested religious bodies, corporate organizations, women associations, trade unions, and governments to partner to increase awareness, offer screenings, and take necessary measures to help reduce the burden of cancer.

On the other hand, Ms. Hadiza Arome, Senior Programme Manager at Medicaid Cancer Foundation suggested that free screenings and breast cancer awareness targets people who meet medical eligibility and age guidelines, particularly in the rural sector.

She added that this will ensure that all the women screened by the foundation receive timely diagnosis, follow-ups, and treatment.

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