PayedIn annouces launch of digital payment solutions in Nigeria

PayedIn annouces launch of digital payment solutions in Nigeria

In an attempt to digitalize the payments gateway, Fintech startup PayedIn Technology has recently announced the implementation of simple-to-use way of payment for supporting the digital economy in Nigeria.

Reportedly, with the adoption of digital payment methods, merchants can easily register online to receive and make payments in no time, driving the country towards digitalization of economy with a cashless future ahead.

Aditya Padhi, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of PayedIn, has commented that their digital platform is a well secure network with state-of-the-art safety features along with phone number and email authentication.

Moreover, the online payment network uses two-factor verification along with biometric security to ensure safety of transactions.

In order to safeguard its digital platform and implement the use of advanced technology, PayedIn has partnered with Nigerian communications and information technology firm, McHenrich Technologies.

Henry Igbo, Managing Director, McHenrich Technologies, mentioned that the collaboration between McHenrich’s combined network and technology distribution expertise with PayedIn’s advanced technology will revamp the financial transaction ecosystem for merchants.

As per sources, PayedIn has expressed that to digitalize the entire economy of Nigeria a secure epayment gate way is required for businesses and entrepreneurs. However, the ones currently available are complex systems with complicated hardware.

Debo Shopade, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, PayedIn, claimed that with the use of advanced technological systems, PayedIn has developed a easy to access payment platform which does not require complex systems integration, hardware or intermediaries.

As per credible sources, with advancing technology and digitalization process, Nigeria is one of the several African nations which is adapting the implementation of digital banking operations.

It has been reported that a network went online last week with 12 African banks to alleviate trade issues and allow payment transactions throughout the continent, which deals in nearly 40 currencies.

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