OOOOO and myFanPark team up to bring live shopping in South Africa

OOOOO and myFanPark team up to bring live shopping in South Africa

OOOOO Entertainment Commerce Limited, an Oxford and Shanghai based software solutions provider, has reportedly announced a new partnership with myFanPark Inc to elevate the retail experience in South Africa. A renowned mobile commerce platform, OOOOO Entertainment has joined hands with myFanPark to launch live, interactive online shopping experiences in the nation by 2022.

For the uninitiated, myFanPark is a global celebrity-fan platform that facilitates interactions between admired creators and talent, and fans across the globe. The platform acts as a medium between the creators and fans through which the later promote the sale of personalized experiences.

As per sources, myFanPark boasts of a roster that encompasses close to 3300 talent and creators from over 31 countries. The platform is supported by operational teams located out of Europe, USA and South Africa.

Sam Jones, CEO and Co-founder of OOOOO stated that the collaboration with myFanPark will allow OOOOO to get hold of the well-established shopping market in South Africa, with customers showing a growing appetite for live shopping experiences.

Jones has expressed excitement regarding the project and added that the partnership has a vision to help myFanPark creators provide fans and supporters access to products and brands in an innovative and entertaining way.

Joy Des Fountain, CEO of myFanPark stated that that the company has been keenly observing the success of entertainment retail coming out of China. Adding that it is thrilled to partner with OOOOO in the South African market, where the ecommerce sector continues to flourish with brands that are both innovative and forward-thinking and an influencer landscape that has a plethora of opportunities.

For the record, the innovative video ecommerce mega-trend has been rapidly spreading its reach globally, with Forbes estimating that it would reach an annual revenue of nearly $305 billion in China alone.

Launched in November 2020, OOOOO has witnessed several hundreds of thousands of downloads and installations to date, having successfully onboarded prominent brands across sport, fashion, wellness, and beauty industries.

Des Fountain added that that the launch of OOOOO in South Africa will serve as a catalyst for rapid growth in the region where there is ample demand for the technology-led platform.

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