Omnibiz Africa introduces Buy Now Pay Later model in Nigeria

Omnibiz Africa introduces Buy Now Pay Later model in Nigeria

Omnibiz Africa has reportedly announced the launch of two new features for the Nigerian market in a recent event held in Lagos. The Business-to-Business (B2B) e-commerce firm has proposed to take on a relatively new approach of Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) model in Nigeria.

Additionally, the firm has announced the launch of a new app named MyStore, a book-keeping app that enables retailers to keep a track of their cost, sales, profit and manage customers.

According to credible sources, Omnibiz Africa has received $3 million funding, providing a big opportunity to the firm for its expansion.

Mr. Deepankar Rustagi, CEO of Omnibiz Africa, at the launch event, mentioned that MyStore will reduce the hassle of retailers in maintaining the traditional record of sales and profits by paper-book method. The automated book-keeping app will help them maintain the stock inventory effectively and keep check on their customers. The app will also provide the leisure of managing the store online when not physically available at the location.

He added that the new credit model of Buy Now Pay Later will bring up sales by providing easy access to products and the facility to pay later after selling the product.

Reports suggest that B2B e-commerce trade platform Omnibiz aims to overcome the inefficiencies of the orthodox method of trade by providing a digital platform to the stakeholders.

According to reliable reports, Omnibiz has successfully provided more than 50,000 retailers the ease to buy from over 500 products. It has also assured retailers to get a good ROI and helped manufacturers and distributors grow and expand their distribution.  

It has been reported that the company has been delivering to six states throughout Nigeria and is all set to expand across the Nigerian borders.

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