Nigeria to join forces with Egypt to improve electricity supply

Nigeria to join forces with Egypt to improve electricity supply

The two countries were in talks last year over forming a collaboration in the area of power generation

Abubakar Aliyu, Nigeria's Minister of Electricity, has recently announced that the federal government will look into alternative ways to collaborate with Egypt's government to improve the country's power supply.

As per sources, Mr. Aliyu made this announcement during a visit by Ihab Awad, ambassador of Arab Republic of Egypt to Nigeria.

The minister said in a statement that they are very well aware of the discussion with their predecessor, which resulted in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sending a draft MoU (memorandum of understanding).

This current visit provides an opportunity to re-energize the partnership as they claim to have successfully resolved Egypt's electricity crisis.

Mr. Aliyu further added that the federal government would renew the two nations' partnership and respond on when a team from the electricity ministry can visit Egypt.

As per the Nigerian ministry, the partners would meet and form a committee to develop essential issues and areas in which the federal government can work with Egypt's administration.

Earlier this year, the two countries had discussions regarding a power-generating deal between Nigeria and Egypt.

Mr. Aliyu said they also concluded that an MoU might offer the necessary political and leadership framework for the partnership to thrive. As a result, an invitation to lead a high-level team from the ministry of power to visit Egypt to discuss and explore particular areas of the partnership was offered.

During the last visit to the ministry, they agreed that there was a prerequisite for collaboration between the Egyptian government and Nigeria in rejuvenating and reviving electricity generation.

According to Ambassador Awad, renewable energy is the way of the future. He further stated that during the consultation, they discussed the possibility of transferring solar energy generating expertise.

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