Koa, Valrhona unite to launch cocoa fruit juice concentrate Oabika

Koa, Valrhona unite to launch cocoa fruit juice concentrate Oabika

Following the success of Koa's dried cocoa fruit and cocoa fruit juice, Koa and Valrhona have introduced a new concentration that complements the spectrum of cocoa fruit ingredients.

Valrhona, a luxury chocolate company based in France, and Koa Switzerland are seeking to unitedly embrace the upcycling movement with the launch of Oabika.

Oabika, a new cocoa fruit juice essence for gastronomy experts and chefs, was co-created by the two firms and is likely to be available throughout Europe, the United States, Asia, and the Middle East starting this month.

According to the firms, Oabika offers a new experience with a silky texture and a distinct taste.

Reportedly, the product was developed after several months of research & development. It's the first 72° Brix cocoa fruit juice concentrate made especially for the restaurant industry.

As per credible reports, Oabika can be used in applications like ganache, sorbets, mousses, glazes, creams, ice creams, toppings, sauces, jellies, and beverages.

According to the firms, Oabika has the greatest concentration on the foodservice market, offering a smooth consistency and an amber-colored look. Besides, it features candied, honey-like overtones in complement to its fruity and acidic flavor.

Victor Delpierre, drink specialist and gastronomy consultant, and Frédéric Bau, pastry adventurer at Maison Valrhona, label Oabika as a "full and fun experience." The experts characterize Oabika as a magical element that enriches, balances, and emphasizes flavors.

The availability of cocoa fruit concentration for chefs and other gastronomy experts mark a breakthrough moment for cocoa producers and cocoa fruit commercialization.

Commenting on the recent development, Co-founder and Managing Director of Koa Group, Anian Schreiber cited that the firm is proud to be working with Valrhona on the mission of supporting the cocoa-growing countries.

He added that the launch of Oabika is expected to encourage other firms to seek potential partnerships to combat the food system challenges globally.

Source Credit - https://www.foodingredientsfirst.com/news/valrhona-and-swiss-ghanian-start-up-koa-launch-new-cocoa-fruit-juice-concentrate-oabika.html