Invest Africa introduces new program to support 500 African MSMEs

Invest Africa introduces new program to support 500 African MSMEs

Invest Africa, a prominent trade and investment platform for African markets, has introduced a novel program to support more than 500 micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) based in Africa.

Currently, MSMEs act as the support system for African economies and are responsible for nearly 70% of employment creation in the region. However, most of them have been adversely hit by the coronavirus pandemic and continue to face significant challenges.

There is a growing need to address the structural difficulties faced by small businesses in Africa to ensure economic development. By offering a series of free-to-access interactive workshops, discussions, and pitches, the Next Generation Africa Forum is focusing on helping MSMEs overcome operational barriers, extending necessary support. 

Notably, Next Generation Africa Forum is slated to take place virtually through a digital platform that connects MSMEs across the continent with support from notable banks, multinational technology entities, and incubators such as DHL, KPMG, Google, 4G Capital, and Aon.  

Under this program, MSMEs in Africa can now apply to book their place in the Forum where the sessions will aim at developing a pathway to formality, accelerating growth, preparing businesses for investments, and monitoring digital risks.

Expected to take place during Invest Africa’s flagship program -the Africa Debate, the Next Generation Africa Forum focuses on providing a strong platform to supplement collaboration between financial services, policymakers, investors, and entrepreneurs.   

For the record, the Africa Debate frequently assembles Ministers and Head of States from all over Africa along with business leaders and international leaders to discuss the future prospects for sustainable economic growth along with supporting public-private cooperation to achieve development goals.

Incorporated in the year 1956 as Business Council for Africa, Invest Africa leverages over sixty years of experience in Africa to offer its members key information and exposure to various business opportunities.

Based in London with operations in Cape Town, Dubai, New York, and Johannesburg, Invest Africa works closely with governments and investment promotion agencies across Africa. 

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