InfraCo Africa to offer financial assistance to Golomoti Solar project

InfraCo Africa to offer financial assistance to Golomoti Solar project

InfraCo Africa, a multi-government funded investment company, and its project partner, JCM Power (JCM), have reportedly reached plans to financially back the construction of the 20MWAC Golomoti Solar project in Malawi.

Sources close to the matter state that, upon completion, the solar plant will facilitate the supply of clean energy to Malawi’s national grid. Moreover, Golomoti Solar will be the first commercial-scale solar PV plant in Malawi to include a 5MW/10MWh lithium-ion BESS (battery energy storage system).

Confirming the move, Gilles Vaes, CEO of InfraCo, said that the investment comes in line to their commitment to the renewable energy sector of Malawi. Their firm is elated to be working with its partners at JCM to offer a further 20MWAC of renewable power to the grid.

Strong support received from the Government of Malawi, the state utility ESCOM and regulators has help achieve this key milestone, said Vaes, adding that with additional power and pioneering energy storage, the solar project will ensure homes and businesses in Malawi will have access to reliable electricity that consequently drives economic growth.

JCM Power Africa’s Head and Co-Founder, Justin Woodward mentioned that the project marks the latest commitment from all investors that demonstrates Malawi as an attractive destination for foreign investment. With the inclusion of batteries, the project will cement the foundation for Malawi to continue to be a regional leader in the renewable energy sector.

Seemingly, Golomoti Solar has taken benefit from the knowledge-sharing with the Salima Solar project, with both the projects transforming regulatory frameworks around the renewable energy sector of Malawi.

As per reliable sources,  Salima Solar is expected to commence the supply of power to the national grid of Malawi in early 2021, while Golomoti Solar is projected to go operational in the latter half of 2021.

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