ImmunityBio partners with tech firms to boost development of COVID vaccines

ImmunityBio partners with tech firms to boost development of COVID vaccines

Culver City- based ImmunityBio Inc. has recently announced signing a deal with two companies to get hold of technologies to help boost the development of its Covid-19 vaccine candidate. The news of this significant deal raised ImmunityBio’s stock to 22% which were at a falling price before.

Reportedly, the deal will provide ImmunityBio with an exclusive license to EnGeneIC’s technology which uses a micro-RNA platform to make a drug to destroy cells with very fewer toxic effects on the nearby tissues. The drug delivery platform can also be utilized for prompting effective immune system response against infectious diseases and cancer cells.

Patric Soon-Shiong, Founder of ImmunityBio, stated that they are thrilled to have found a company with alike thoughts on the power of immune system in fighting infections like COVID-19 and cancer.

As per credible reports, the other deal focuses on accelerating the commercialization and production of the vaccine candidate. ImmunityBio and Emeryville based Amyris Inc. have declared a 50-50 partnership in which Amyris will use its RNA technology certified from a Seattle origin nonprofit firm namely Infectious Disease Research Institute. Additionally, Amyris will also offer sustainable squalene which is an organic compound used to make vaccine.

Apparently, ImmunityBio will subsidize its vaccine candidate which utilizes a human adenovirus, a cluster of viruses that stays all year to cause common cold infections, to produce antibodies that push the immune system’s T-cells to fight against a coronavirus infection.

For the uninitiated, ImmunityBio has reportedly started trial of the oral version of vaccines and if this succeeds, the need for a human structure to deliver vaccine shots will be eliminated. Additionally, it will also add on in the vaccine manufacturing after getting the authorization from the government.

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