Huawei, TD Africa partner to offer digital power solutions in Nigeria

Huawei, TD Africa partner to offer digital power solutions in Nigeria

Chinese tech major, Huawei Technologies, has reportedly partnered with Lagos-based, TD Africa, a leading distributor of lifestyle and tech-related services in the sub-Sahara region, to launch a set of revolutionary digital power solutions in the country.

At the event launch held in Lagos, Mrs. Chioma Ekeh, CEO of TD Africa, stated that the constant public power supply issues in Nigeria will serve as an opportunity for Huawei’s Digital Power solutions.

Ekeh referred to the unpredictable nature of the global crude oil market, especially amidst the ongoing war in Ukraine, global environmental concerns, as well as challenges in ensuring a steady and cost-effective supply of crude oil products, as factors that necessitate a transition to clean energy from fossil fuels.

During the event, she added that digital energy will bring new money and encouraged the company’s partners  to embrace the products that it will be launching, which will offer an opportunity to make new money.

Justin Tinsey, Principal Consultant, Huawei Digital Power Technologies Co. of Nigeria, said that adhering to its long-term commitment to global carbon neutrality, the reason behind the launch is to reduce energy costs and create a greener future that is established on sustainable, stable, and cost-efficient electricity supply.

The solutions by Huawei can be employed in residential, industrial/commercial, as well as utility-scale sectors.

Talking about the Huawei Intelligent Power Mate Solution, iSitePower-M, Tinsey stated that it can deliver up to 6kVA power all day round and can cut down household energy costs by 50-70% while delivering sustainable, green, and stable electricity.

He also emphasized about other digital power solutions that the company will be launching, including its UPS that can help users of all ages, and  Huawei's small smart lithium battery, SmartLi.

Niyi Onabanjo, Head of Corporates/DMFI Sales, TD Africa, stated that the firm can help Huawei’s Digital Power Solution reach the nooks and crannies of the country’s market and make them accessible and affordable across the continent with its efficient distribution network.

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