Honda announces top-notch technologies for a safer driving experience

Honda announces top-notch technologies for a safer driving experience

Honda, along with world’s top-notch auto manufacturers, is working on implementing ultra-modern technologies and safety features in its vehicles to make the travel journey safer for the driver, commuters and pedestrians.

Reportedly, the Japanese auto conglomerate has created an advanced safety technology to bring down traffic accidents across the world. The technological innovation claims to eliminate almost 50 per cent on road accident fatalities by the year 2030.

As per claims by auto giant Honda, the first move towards implementation of this new technology involves the use of artificial intelligence (AI) designed to keep a check on the road and driver.

Furthermore, Honda will analyze the risk involving behaviors and study the driver’s brain to comprehend reasons leading to driving mistakes via the fMRI technology.

The Intelligent Driver-Assistive Technology by Honda will utilize cameras and sensors of advanced driver’s assistance system (ADAS) to observe the driver and vehicles on road. Followed by this, the innovative system will detect driving hazards and find out optimal driving behavior on real time basis. The system will also support each driver and traffic situation as per their cognitive state.

As per credible reports, Honda allegedly claims that with its futuristic automotive safety technology the company will produce ultra-modern ADAS which will prevent drivers from getting distracted and avoid drifting and operational delays.

The new technology will also implement the use of 3D audio features and seatbelt controls to express risk causing factors on roads to the driver. The use of vibration stimulus in seats and biofeedback to address driver fatigue and drowsiness by technology will also help in prevention of on road accidents.

According to sources, Honda will allegedly develop the new technology suite in the initial six months of this decade and will launch the real application in the second half of the decade.