Government of Ghana urged to invest in the production of paper bags

Government of Ghana urged to invest in the production of paper bags

Ms. Joana Arthur, the CEO of Mending Papers Company Limited, a paper packaging business, has reportedly urged the government to invest in the paper bag market to protect the nation from environmental degradation brought on by plastic trash.

As per sources, plastic garbage of all forms has recently been a source of environmental concern, harming the lives of humans, the earth, and the seas. Major sewers and most beachfront lack visual appeal, and the different types of plastic used by manufacturers of sachet water and bottles continue to have a detrimental impact on people's health.

According to Ms. Arthur, investing in paper bags and other packaging materials is essential to counteract the harmful effects that the country's increasing use of plastics is having on its inhabitants' health.

In an interview for World Environment Day with the Ghana News Agency, Ms. Arthur alerted that if the nation takes too long to take quick action to change the narratives, meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) on access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene may also prove to be a difficult task. 

Apparently, the SDGs seek to quantify the most urgent concerns confronting the globe, such as natural resource management, marine issues, water-related difficulties, climate change, the circular economy, biodiversity and ecosystems, and ecologically sound management of waste and chemicals, among several other issues.

According to Ms. Arthur, the firm was replicating Rwanda's positive examples in dealing with the plastic scourge by utilizing innovative recycling procedures and sustainable materials to decrease waste, protect natural resources, and foster circular economy.

She highlighted how capital-intensive the recycling industry is and emphasized the necessity for the implementation of stringent plastics regulations in the nation. Furthermore, she urged Ghanaians and other stakeholders to help bring about the change since the goal was to eliminate plastic trash in the nation.

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