Google launches fast connectivity cable in Togo; ensures high internet speed

Google launches fast connectivity cable in Togo; ensures high internet speed

Equiano cable will double the internet speed for 8 million residents of Togo

Google-owned subsea, Equiano, that claims to boost the internet speed for millions across the African continent, has now arrived in Togo. The company claims that this is the recent step by the firm in a multi-year project to offer cheaper internet access to users throughout the continent.

Reportedly, the Equiano cable is the first of its kind to reach Africa, coiling its way from Portugal. Apparently, Google declared that the cable’s main aim is to double the internet speed for the 8 million residents of Togo.

As per credible sources, it is a taste of things for the other nations who are set to gain from the region where the use of internet is rising fast but the places where the network is generally disabling slow and are a drag on economic development.

The installation of the new line will also be soon launched in Namibia, Nigeria, and South Africa with possible branches providing connections to the nearby nations. It will anticipatedly be available for operations by the end of the year.  

According to reports, Sub-Saharan Africa is the least-connected region in the world with nearly a quarter of the population still deficient on mobile broadband coverage compared to 7% internationally.  

In addition, most of the countries in the West of Africa are at the bottom of the global ranking of the World Bank on internet penetration.

Google claims that Togo will be the first city to benefit from this. The cable will anticipatedly cut down internet prices by 14 per cent by 2025.

Besides, the cable will indirectly create 37,000 jobs in Togo by 2025 and augment the GDP by $193 million.

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