Global Esports Federation expands presence in African, American regions

Global Esports Federation expands presence in African, American regions

The Global Esports Federation (GEF) announced to have established two development organizations in Africa and the Pan American regions.

As per the organization, the development federations will support the development, education, and growth of the esports community in their corresponding continents, whereas the GEF will provide resources, education, and support to these new organizations.

Chris Chan, GEF President, mentioned that as the convening platform for the esports community across the world, they recognize the capability of the Global Esports Federation to support developing parts of the world to promote inclusion for all and to build the future of esports.

He further added that they are grateful to their colleagues for accepting to lead the development federations as they create a stronger world-connected community together.

T.A. Ganda Sithole and the Zimbabwean official, who is also the GEF vice-president and chairperson of the GEF Governance, Ethics and Membership Commission, will lead the Africa Esports Development Federation

Sayo Owolabi of Nigeria is appointed as the secretary-general of the Africa Esports Development Federation. This position is an addition to his existing roles on the GEF’s Education, Culture and Youth Commission, and the International Relations and Development Commission.

Mario Cilenti, a GEF Board member, will be the President of the Pan Am Esports Development Federation. Cilenti is presently the chairperson of the GEF’s International Relations and Development Commission.

He will be assisted by Melita N. Moore, who will be the vice-president of the development body. Moore is also a Board member of GEF and the chairperson of their Health and Wellness Commission.

The GEF is one of two organizations competing to be becoming the top governing body for esports. Its rival, International Esports Federation (IESF), founded in 2008, has also been trying to establish itself in the role.

IESF recently struck deals with the African Esports Association (AESA), the Pan American Esports Confederation (PAMESCO), and the European Esports Federation (EEF) for the three entities to become full members.

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