Federal government aims for 99% broadband coverage by 2030 in Nigeria

Federal government aims for 99% broadband coverage by 2030 in Nigeria

The federal government of Nigeria has set a target to achieve 99% of broadband coverage by 2030 throughout the country, declared Alhaji Kashifu Abdullahi, Director General of Nigeria’s National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA).

Apparently, the disclosure made by the Director General shed a light on the Agency’s activities to promote the policy put forth by the federal government on digital economy.

Alhaji Kashifu Abdullahi, quoted that by doing its part for the targeted goal, the Agency provided training on Digital Content and Digital Productivity to more than 200,000 personnel across the country, led by NITDA Academy and several departments under the Agency’s supervision.

Additionally, the DG mentioned that the Agency incorporated multiple learning institutions and communities spread across the country with hundreds of IT centers enhancing promotion of Digital Literacy in Nigeria.

Imperative to note, emergence of additional challenges as a result of Covid-19 pandemic effectively wiped out businesses across cities, emphasizing on the need for embracing digital technology.

According to the DG, to combat such novel challenges, the Federal Government of Nigeria introduced digital economy and other similar models adhering to digital tech for the nation.

As a part of these policies, digital skill training will be provided to people in local languages, aiming for 95% digital literacy in Nigeria by 2030.

Besides the FG, NITDA is also teaming up with Civil Society, other agencies, individuals, communities, and private organizations to accomplish the goals.

The DG also boldly commented on the ongoing speculations over the adversary impact on human health of the recently launched 5G network service in Nigeria, dismissing them as “Technological Conspiracy”.

With this, the DG urged all Nigerians to support digital technology by adopting it across all of their social as well as economic activities, which will help promote better quality life and build a prosperous Nigeria.

Source Credits: https://tribuneonlineng.com/fg-targets-2030-to-achieves-99-broadband-coverage-in-nigeria/