Egypt to supply locally made COVID-19 vaccines to African Nations

Egypt to supply locally made COVID-19 vaccines to African Nations

Egypt has started supplying doses of Sinovac to African Nations and other parts of the world during the COVID-19 pandemic

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the roll out of vaccines across the world has been increasing rapidly. In this process, the African nations have turned to the regional vaccine manufacturers to fulfill the vaccination target throughout the world.

Egypt is reportedly ready to export the regionally made COVID-19 vaccines to the African nations, in an attempt to place itself as a hub for inoculations on the continent struggling with the virus.

Heba Wali, President of Holding Company for Biological Products and Vaccines, also known as Vacsera, stated that the Egyptian authorities have been planning to discuss potential export strategies with Chinese delegations by the end of February.

Apparently, the discussion is the result of export of a previous shipment of locally manufactured Sinovac vaccine to the Palestinian Territories, in the first attempt to supply African made vaccine to the other parts of the world.

Wali mentioned that negotiations have also been made to supply Sinovac vaccine to the neighboring country Libya. Heba added that many other African nations, anonymously, have also requested for vaccine shipments either through Covax alliance or direct payment.

For the uninitiated, the Arab country’s most populous nation has placed itself as a center for COVID-19 vaccination exports with Vacsera manufacturing Sinovac by utilizing ingredients from China.

Khalid Abdul Ghaffar, Acting Health Minister, Egypt, commented that till date, Egypt has produced 27 million to 30 million doses of Sinovac and has the potential to manufacture around 100 million vaccines by the end of 2022 end.  

Ghaffar cited that Egypt has already supplied 50,000 Sinovac doses to the Palestinians.

Notably, it has been speculated that AstraZeneca PLC is in talks to start manufacturing vaccines in Egypt.

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