Egypt pursues health cooperation with Zambia and South Sudan

Egypt pursues health cooperation with Zambia and South Sudan

The meeting emphasized on discussing methods of cooperation to revamp health systems and back the health sector.

Egypt’s Acting Minister of Population and Health and Minister of Scientific Research and Higher Education, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar has reportedly called for enabling procedures for the registration of Egyptian drugs in Zambia.

Abdel Ghaffar mentioned the same in a conference with his correspondent in Zambia, Silvia Masebom and Topoli Mulambo Lubaya, Zambia’s Egypt Ambassador on the sidelines of the Africa Health ExCon, the first Medical Conference of Africa.

As per credible sources, the meeting’s mission was to discuss different ways of cooperation to improvise health systems and back the health sectors.

In the conference, the Minister emphasized on Egypt’s readiness to offer all means of support to African nations such as Zambia to attain health security. This was expected to attain synchronization with the Unified Procurement Authority and the Drug Authority of Egypt to talk about methods for Zambia to gain from experience and expertise of the Egyptians in the medical industries.

Hossam Abdel Ghaffar, Official Spokesperson, Ministry of Population and Health, mentioned that the meeting included talks about ways to expand and advance the horizons of cooperation between the two nations in the areas of producing and exporting medicines to the Zambian market. This is credited to the fact that Egypt is one of the biggest exporters of medications to Zambia.

Not to mention, the Minister of Health interacted with Yolanda Awel, Health Minister of State of South Sudan to talk about enduring cooperation to eliminate Hepatitis C in South of Sudan.

Moreover, the meeting also comprised of debating ways to cater to the requirements of the health system in South of Sudan to identify and treat patients with Hepatitis C, whether from medicines, test reagents, or medical devices.

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