Cooper Pharma & OSI join forces to market Flavobac Cold & Flu Guard

Cooper Pharma & OSI join forces to market Flavobac Cold & Flu Guard

Leading Indian pharmaceutical company, Cooper Pharma, has reportedly inked a distribution agreement with American pharmaceutical firm, OSI, for the purpose of marketing Flavobac Cold & Flu Guard.

As per the terms of the deal, OSI provides Cooper Pharma the exclusive right for the distribution of Flavobac Cold & Flu Guard in the UAE and Morocco. For the same, Cooper Pharma and its affiliates will be deploying their e-commerce, marketing, and sales expertise, once the registration of the product is secured from the UAE and Moroccan health authorities.

According to OSI’s President, Christian Sauvageau, the company is extremely proud of the opportunity to be collaborating with Cooper Pharma. OSI has seen the complete determination of Cooper Pharma for commercialization of innovative solutions and is glad to be working with the company.

Sauvageau further expressed OSI’s gratitude towards the Harel Group for ascertaining Cooper Pharma as a strategic partner. The group was responsible for assisting the complete transaction process from introduction to the execution of the final agreements with the company.

It is to be noted that Flavobac Cold & Flu Guard will become a vital part of Cooper Pharma’s medical solutions for the protection of health care professionals, parents, children, and society against respiratory viruses comprising SARS-CoV-2 that leads to COVID-19.

Cooper Pharma’s CEO, Ayman Cheikh-Lahlou, stated that the company is committed towards helping the reduction of the impact of respiratory viral infection.

For the uninitiated, Flavobac Cold & Flu Guard is a formulation based on the substance secured from natural source. It fights with viruses by interfering with their capability to adhere to the nasal and oral mucosa. The product has been shown to be effective against several respiratory viruses comprising RSV, human coronavirus, rhinovirus, and influenza virus. Flavobac Cold & Flu Guard has already been registered in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

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