China to improve COVID-19 support for Belgium, Sudan, and Suriname

China to improve COVID-19 support for Belgium, Sudan, and Suriname

Chinese State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wang Yi, has reportedly stated that China has further extended its support to Belgium, Sudan, and Suriname in their battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. Wang apparently pledged support to the three nations in separate phone calls with the countries’ foreign ministers.

Wang said that Belgium is currently suffering due to the pandemic and China aims to provide necessary support for the country’s needs, as per reports.

According to reports, Wang reassured the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister of Belgium, Sophie Wilmes, about China’s resolution to work alongside Belgium to boost Belgian economic recovery.

Wang added that China’s market is open and will expand, which will create more growth opportunities for Belgium. China hopes that Belgium would offer Chinese enterprises a fair and non-discriminatory business setting, Wang further stated.

Wilmes apparently called on the two economies to properly handle differences, enhance mutual trust, and promote bilateral cooperation in sectors of agriculture, climate change, economy and trade, aviation, and biodiversity conversion.

While talking to Mariam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi, Foreign Affairs Minister for Sudan, Wang also applauded Sudan’s support for China on matters pertaining to Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and human rights, as per reports.

Mariam seemingly expressed gratitude for China’s help in Sudan’s battle against the pandemic and hoped to promote cooperation with China in fields of culture, education, economy, and infrastructure construction.  

China is supposedly also showing willingness to fortify cooperation with Suriname in its fight against the coronavirus and overcome the pandemic together.

Wang suggested that the two nations should strengthen cooperation in communications, infrastructure development, and other spheres, while actively exploring energy development to promote Suriname’s economic recovery and transformation.

Wang, while talking to Albert Ramdin, the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Suriname, stated that China appreciates Suriname’s compliance with the one-China policy.

Ramdin also praised China’s social and economic development achievements and emphasized that the importance of the one-China policy as the keystone of bilateral relations would never waver.  Ramdin also thanked China for its support in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, as per reports.

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