Pfizer brings down Omicron hospitalization by 70% in South Africa- Study

With Covid-19’s new variant Omicron widely spreading across different economies, BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine Pfizer has reportedly been claimed to provide 70% protection against hospitalization in South Africa. Imperatively, the recent spike in cases of Omicron in the South African c

Kenya’s President approves new law to regulate digital lenders

Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta has approved a new law that gives power to the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) to regulate the lending and credit market and take action against those that may be violating consumer privacy. Under the amended Central Bank Act, 2021, CBK will have the authority to police

ImmunityBio partners with tech firms to boost development of COVID vaccines

Culver City- based ImmunityBio Inc. has recently announced signing a deal with two companies to get hold of technologies to help boost the development of its Covid-19 vaccine candidate. The news of this significant deal raised ImmunityBio’s stock to 22% which were at a falling price before. R

Accenture announces 3000 jobs to fulfil the rising tech demands

Accenture is reportedly conducting a hiring spree to create 3000 jobs in the upcoming three years to build on the rising demand for services like cybersecurity, cloud engineering and data intelligence from various clients. As per speculations, the sudden augmentation is deliberately due to resurgin

Honda announces top-notch technologies for a safer driving experience

Honda, along with world’s top-notch auto manufacturers, is working on implementing ultra-modern technologies and safety features in its vehicles to make the travel journey safer for the driver, commuters and pedestrians. Reportedly, the Japanese auto conglomerate has created an advanced safet

France calls on app stores & search engines to block Wish app & site

Leading politicians across France have reportedly asked app stores and search engines operating in the country to block the website and smartphone app of e-commerce platform Wish, following an investigation of the online marketplace. Ministers Alain Griset and Bruno Le Maire, alongside Cédri

Blue Island publicizes its carbon neutral plan to reduce emissions

Channel Island’s airline Blue Island has recently announced committing to carbon neutrality in all its flights in the upcoming time. The airline will levy a £1 carbon neutralization fees on all the flight bookings as a contribution. Reportedly, a collaboration with Durrell Wildlife Cons

South Korea shortens wait time for COVID-19 boosters amid rising cases

South Korea will reportedly be cutting short the wait time for COVID-19 booster shots as the number of daily cases in the country went above 3,000 while breakthrough infections continue to send individuals to hospitals. Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum, during a government meeting, supposedly announced

U.N. launches School Meal Coalition to provide meals for global needy

More than 50 U.N. agencies and organizations have joined forces with over 60 world governments to bring back the school meal program for over 388 million primary school students who had been receiving daily lunches pre-pandemic. The coalition will also be pushing to make school meals available to th