Mammoet to support construction of three wind farms in South Africa

Mammoet South Africa, a unit of global heavy lifting and transport service provider Mammoet, has announced its support for the construction of three wind farm projects across South Africa, namely the Copperton, Garob, and Roggeveld wind farms.   As per its devised plan, Mammoet will be fo

Biden administration rolls out new initiative to shape US-Africa trade

President Joe Biden's administration has reportedly launched a new initiative called Prosper Africa Build Together, requesting more than $80 million from US Congress to expand trade and investment between the United States and Africa. Dana Banks, the United States' senior director for Afric

NASA warns of severe global floods caused by an upcoming ‘moon wobble’

NASA, the independent space agency of the United States Government, has reportedly warned that coastal cities throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world would be battered by an increasing amount of tidal floods in a decade’ time, triggered by a notable rise in lunar movement. For the unini

Western North America experiencing wildfire rage as temperatures surge

Much of western North America has been facing record-breaking temperatures off late, creditable to the heatwaves. Various communities were asked to evacuate the region as firefighters have been struggling to cope up with the heatwave and wildfires. Residents of California were asked to conserve pow

UK to review the takeover of British chip maker by Chinese-owned firm

Following criticism over the UK government’s alleged acquiescence to the takeover of the country’s largest semiconductor firm by a Chinese owned company, prime minister Boris Johnson has reportedly confirmed that the government would be reviewing the acquisition. Johnson stated on Wedne

Regional disparity might not allow U.S. to reach its vaccination goal

Although several U.S. health officials have been urging the populace to get vaccinated as soon as possible, many states in the southern part of the country have relatively lower vaccination rates as compared to the national average. These increasing regional disparities might not allow the U.S. to

Amazon unveils new wind & solar projects to meet renewable energy goal

Tech giant Amazon has reportedly unveiled 14 new renewable energy projects in the United States, Finland, Spain, and Canada. These projects would support Amazon’s objective of powering 100% of its activities with renewable energy by 2025 – five years before the company’s initial go

China faces recoil over Sino-African projects due to environmental concerns

Many China-funded projects across Africa, established under Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative, are witnessing a severe backlash from conservationists and communities who have accused builders of harming the ecosystem in pursuit of materials such as metal, timber, and oil.  Notably, Chin

Senegal's Theodore-Monod museum reopens after a year of being closed

With many museums reopening their doors across the globe, the Theodore-Monod museum of art (Musee Theodore Monod dArt africain) in Dakar, Senegal, has also reportedly reopened this week. After more than a year of shutdown following the COVID-19 outbreak, the museum has opened with a “new visio