Bayelsa & Zipline partner to facilitate medical deliveries via drones

Nigeria’s Bayelsa State Government has reportedly announced partnering with Zipline, a logistics global leader, to leverage the drone technology of Zipline to boost the medical supply of medicines, blood and other medical supplies, across health units in the state. The agreement will enable Z

Botswana announces 5 different COVID-19 booster jabs for its people

Botswana has declared to offer additional vaccine jabs to its population in order to minimize the hospitalization and fatalities due to COVID-19. To curb the snowballing COVID-19 cases and boost the immunity of the people, Botswana’s Ministry of Health and Wellness has recently announced pro

Unprecedented rise in dementia cases globally by 2050: Claims GBD study

According to The Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study, the number of dementia cases reported worldwide may triple in the next 28 years, with maximum impact across Middle East, North Africa and eastern parts of sub-Saharan Africa, if no region-specific health policies are implemented by these governm

France discovers new Covid-19 variant called IHU with 46 mutations

According to reports, scientists and researchers in France have discovered a new COVID-19 variant known as 'IHU'. Nearly a dozen cases of this new variety have been discovered near Marseilles, with a link to Cameroon, Africa. IHU Mediterranee Infection institute academics were the first

South Africa to provide two million COVID jabs to other African nations

South African government has announced donating two million Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines to the other African nations to boost the continent’s vaccination drive. Reportedly, Aspen Pharmacare will produce doses worth $18 million at its manufacturing unit in Gqeberha for distribution

Scientists develop way to monitor remote immune processes inside cells

A team of scientists led by Ilana Fox-Fisher MD, PhD student from Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Professor Yuval Dor from the university’s Institute for Medical Research-Israel Canada (IMRIC), respectively, has developed a new method for monitoring remote immune processes in remote tissues

Africa reports an 83% rise in the number of COVID-19 cases

Africa has reported an 83% surge in its weekly number of COVID-19 cases, the fastest surge it has seen over the course of the year. however, despite such a substantial spike, the number of deaths remained relatively low. As per WHO, Africa recorded more than 196,000 new cases last week, while rough

South Africa to receive funds to develop 1st mRNA vaccine production hub

With the scare of Omicron variant spreading worldwide, the South African and French governments, along with the WHO, reportedly announced working together to host Africa’s Covid-19 vaccine production facility, making way for the African companies to commence the manufacturing of mRNA vaccines.

South Africa approves use of Pfizer booster jab amid rising COVID cases

South Africa has reportedly approved Pfizer's booster jabs for people 18 years and above. The decision comes after rising concerns following highest recorded cases of COVID at around 20,000 being reported overnight, primarily attributed to the new Omicron variant. The SAHPRA (South African Heal