UN spends $2Mn on a joint program for social protection in Nigeria

Faizat Badmus-Busari, Manager of joint SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) projects in Nigeria has reportedly spent $2 million through a joint program on social protection in the country. Faizat mentioned that the program received the funding from Sustainable Development Goals fund, offered to va

Haulage and travel rebound brings UK economy back on track

Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have shown that the UK economy reportedly grew by 0.5% in May, marking a rebound in the gross domestic product (GDP) after a few tumultuous months. As per reports, the latest data depicted an uptick from the previous estimates for March

Cameroon government calls for emergency food support for 2.4 Mn people

The government of Cameroon has reportedly called for urgent food support for over 2.4 million people facing hunger along its northern borders with Nigeria and Chad. In a recent crisis meeting, authorities blamed insecurity, natural disasters, and intercommunal clashes for causing food shortages i

MSF seeks support from UN, Nigerian Govt over malnutrition crisis in Nigeria

Doctors without Borders, also known as Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), a global medical humanitarian organization has raised an alert over the increasing number of malnourished children in the north-west region of Nigeria. As per reports, the unit which offers medical help to people affected by e

Autochek acquires CoinAfrique to expand into Francophone Africa

Nigerian auto-tech startup Autochek has reportedly announced its takeover of CoinAfrique, a leading platform for classifieds and tenders in French-speaking Africa, to expand its services in the Francophone African region. Autochek offers digital solutions for enhancing and enabling a seamless and

Nigeria to receive $1.3Bn investment for argic & renewable sector

The funding will cater to 57 projects that underline fighting desertification, deforestation, and nature-centric measures to limit climate change vulnerability. The European Union (EU) has announced its commitment to financially back the agricultural unit in Nigeria, helping the African nation t

IIF, Egypt hold talks to improve climate efforts within COP27 framework

Egypt’s Minister of International Cooperation Rania Al-Mashat and Executive Director and Head of Sustainable Finance at the IIF (Institute of International Finance) Sonja Gibbs reportedly held talks for bilateral cooperation on COP 27. During the discussion, Al-Mashat outlooked the country&

Airlink and Qatar Airways sign full-scale codeshare deal for Africa

Qatar Airways and Airlink have reportedly penned a full-scale codeshare agreement to offer travelers improved services and connectivity between 45 destinations across 13 nations. The new codeshare deal enables travelers to simply purchase tickets for connecting flights on both airlines through on

African API-based startup Thepeer raises $2 million in seed round

Lagos-based tech startup Thepeer, which offers digital payment solutions for fintech businesses, has reportedly raised over $2.1 million in its seed round led by Raba Partnership, a South African venture capital firm. The seed round also saw participation from investors such as Timon Capital, Mus