Blue Island publicizes its carbon neutral plan to reduce emissions

Blue Island publicizes its carbon neutral plan to reduce emissions

Channel Island’s airline Blue Island has recently announced committing to carbon neutrality in all its flights in the upcoming time. The airline will levy a £1 carbon neutralization fees on all the flight bookings as a contribution.

Reportedly, a collaboration with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust will witness the airline balance the carbon impact of providing territorial air connectivity successfully.

Additionally, Blue Island aims to cut down the emissions as much as possible by adapting to top notch technologies for commercial use meanwhile. The aim is to achieve zero carbon emission in the long term.

Dr Lesley Dickie, Chief Executive of Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, stated that tackling biodiversity and climate crisis is the need of the hour and Durrell is extremely glad to partner with Blue island to keep a check on its carbon emissions through rewild carbon project.

For the uninitiated, the ‘rewild carbon’ initiative by Durrell has four central foundations- recover species, revive ecosystem, rebuild livelihoods and reduce carbon emissions- with almost 95% of the money directed to nature. Apparently, the initial project of this endeavor is reforestation of the Atlantic rainforest in Brazil.

Dr Lesley commented that the project Rewild Carbon does so much more other than eliminating carbon from the air. The project also caters to benefit the community and biodiversity for the protection of both people and wildlife.

He further mentioned the importance of connectivity in an island and that Blue Islands’ loyalty to rewild carbon project will help strengthen the plan to connect forest fragments in the Atlantic rainforest.

Rob Veron, Blue Island’s Chief Executive stated that connectivity is vital whether it be for social welfare or economic flourishment at islands.

Veron believes that the adaption of carbon neutrality will direct people through the first step towards substituting the existing technology with sustainable practices.

Blue Island has curated a scientific and transparent program to regulate the carbon impact for every flight, Veron added.