Anthorad Nigeria launches Coolbox technology for Lagos butchers, others

Anthorad Nigeria launches Coolbox technology for Lagos butchers, others

Anthorad Nigeria has recently revealed a new Coolbox technology in collaboration with the International Finance Corporation for meat retailers and other fragile commodities sellers in the Lagos state.

During the product launch in the Ode-Eran meat market in the Igando zone of Lagos State, Adegboyega Samson Adeosun, Managing Director of Anthorad Nigeria Ltd, said that the new product will help fish, meat, and fruit retailers for keeping their products hygienic and fresh for customers.

Adeosun mentioned that fish, fruits, and meat can be sold at less than half of their original value by the end of the day, dropping the profits for retailers. But the advent of this new coolbox technology would enable the products to remain fresh for the whole day.

The Coolbox, which is made in different sizes and is available in India and Columbia, will help keep the meat fresh and protect it from germs.

It has been claimed that through this novel launch, the mission is to lower food spoilage due to the lack of cold food storage at key points along with the food supply chain.

In addition, the long-term objective is to solve the issue of food spoilage in Nigeria and extend the technology services in other states that face these challenges.

In his remark, Alabi Bamidele Kazeem (BK), Chairman of Lagos State Butchers Association, described the Coolbox as an innovative system that benefits the meat retailers of the state in the long run.

Kazeem further described the product as a breakthrough development for meat retailers and the butchers in the state, adding that the investment in the facility offers huge benefits to the people, butchers, and government.

Alabi added that this launch will help stop the open and unhygienic movement of meat, as meats passed via such process are largely exposed to flies and similar compounds, where they could be soiled.

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