Amazon to open up a new head office in South Africa, creating new jobs

Amazon to open up a new head office in South Africa, creating new jobs

The City of Cape Town has reportedly given permission for the construction of R4 bn (US$ 280 million) River Club mixed-use development, which would be the new headquarters for global tech giant, Amazon, in Africa.

The development design plans to create a 150,000 sq. m mixed-use space and will be divided into commercial as well as housing uses across two main precincts. The developer plans 31,900 sq. m to be used for residential means.

According to the City, the development would include market driven as well as reasonably priced housing opportunities, out of which the latter would be physically combined with the other residential units in the apartment complexes.

It is anticipated that around 5,239 new jobs would be created in the construction phase itself. The city stated that this new project would also create as many as 19,000 induced and indirect jobs.

The proposed development would also include around 59,600 sq. meters for office space; 4,100 sq. meters for gym; 8,200 sq. meters for hotel, and 20,700 sq. meters of retail space. It also includes space for school, conferencing, restaurants and events.

According to the developer, nearly 20% of the residential floor space would be allotted for affordable housing opportunities. While, Amazon, would serve as the anchor tenant, opening an area of operations on the African continent.

Dan Plato, Mayor of Cape Town, stated that the planned mixed-use development would uplift the economy and the city’s population suffering from the economic after-effects of the global COVID-19 lockdown.

Plato added that it is clear that the development offers numerous environmental, social, and economic benefits for the area. The city is very much committed to driving investment to revive the economy, which is steadily recovering following the COVID-19 impact.

This development is envisioned to take place in various phases, and the construction will take over the next three to five years.

The Precinct 1 development includes mixed used as well as a floor space of roughly 60,000 square meters. While, the Precinct 2 would house the retail giant’s headquarters, including 70,000 square meter of floor space.

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