African NGO launches app to report cases of violence against women

African NGO launches app to report cases of violence against women

The Alliances for Africa (AfA) Mission, an Ngo, has reportedly launched ‘Kpoturum App’ for documenting and reporting cases of violence against girls and women in Nigeria’s South-east region. Reports suggest that the app was introduced in a one-day media engagement to publicize it.

Reportedly, during the launch of the app in Enugu, Blessing Duru, Program Manager of AfA Mission stated that the Kpoturum app will help in gathering real-time data to deal with the rising issues of violence against girls and women.

Mrs. Duru further mentioned that ‘Kpoturum’, meaning ‘call on me’ in Igbo dialect, has been selected to resonate with the native population of Igbo, especially the female survivors and assuring that they will get help.

She said that violence against girls and women has been normalized in the society even after continuous efforts by all stakeholders to diminish it by spreading awareness.

Meanwhile, Duru cited that from trivializing rape to blaming victims and gas-lighting the survivors, the society has witnessed the rape culture and increasing incidences of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWM) continuously under the name of tradition, culture and the most predominating being sexual assault on minors.

Apparently, the actual incidences fail to get recorded due to the limiting factors such as culture of silence, drawbacks of the system to document, and others.

Duru suggested that the initiative of Kpoturum app by the Alliances of Africa, feminist organization, has been developed by the group after working against the issues of violence against women in support with the African Women Development Fund.

According to sources, the app will provide evidence as a representation of the increasing crimes against women in the regions of Anambra, Abia, Imo states and Enugu.

Duru further added that the app will also provide facility for third party reporting for the victims who do not have access to the internet.

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