Africa faces challenges in transitioning to a renewable energy economy

Africa faces challenges in transitioning to a renewable energy economy

As per sources, Africa is facing difficulties in its aim to shift to a renewable energy economy. Africa has massive production potential, but thousands of people still stay in the nation without electricity. At a recent conference in Dakar, energy experts claimed that technology transfer is vital to achieving energy transition.

At the "Africa Roundtable," civil, economic, and political decision-makers discussed strategies for accomplishing a just energy transition.

According to some reliable sources, they also discussed strengthening the resilience of countries in the wake of food security.

The discussions took place at Senegal's capital Dakar, under the theme of Europe and Africa together for a just energy transition. DW served as a media partner for the event.

As Europe is working on its Green Deal, still many African encounter challenges with electrification. Around half of sub-Saharan Africa (nearly 600 million people) cannot access electricity.

According to energy experts, African countries will only be able to achieve the energy transition towards a sustainable economy that conserves the environment at the same time if they have new technologies to produce, like electric batteries, solar panels, or wind turbines.

Al-Hamndou Dorsouma, Head of the climate change and green growth department at the African Development Bank (AfDB) mentioned that the irony, in this case, is that the continent holds strong undiscovered potential for energy production. However, they need access to enough technologies to use them optimally.

Dorsouma also added that during the round table, the Europeans and Africans were able to identify how to take the next steps to overcome the issue.

At the COP27 climate talks in Egypt, emerging countries had insisted again on the transfer of technologies that they claimed were slow to materialize.

For the record, for a country like Senegal, the inquest of how to achieve the desire to reinforce energy independence, the will to be a part of offering a just energy transition, and the awareness raised by the ecological crisis are severe.

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