AEC and PLC collaborate to create Africa-focused energy content

AEC and PLC collaborate to create Africa-focused energy content

With partnerships and collaborations rising each day to curate advanced innovations and experiences, the African Energy Chamber (AEC) and Pure Language Communications limited (PLC) announced signing an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) to enhance the energy sector in the continent.

Inked by NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman at African Energy Chamber, and Boason Omofaye, Chief Executive Officer at Frontier African Report, the MoU basically provides a framework highlighting AEC’s commitment to deliver and encourage a platform for the African voices to participate in and lead the global energy dialogue.

Along with the MOU, the PLC and AEC also wish to create a platform for distributing information and news regarding the ongoing developments across Africa’s energy sector.

Omofaye suggested that the contract will call attention to PLC’s pledge to promote African news and allow African stories using knowledge exchange and technology along with a specific agenda. 

Omofaye stated that the conversation related to African energy and the way it should be utilized in the future are the relevant topics of discussion for the African continent.  

He mentioned that they need to include conversations within the global space by using the regional media where Africans will lead the talks and take decisions.

Reportedly, officials cited that this collaboration would help businesses in attaining the top spot amongst their colleagues in Nigeria and other African regions to witness energy stories from their point of view and promote African’s and their institutions.

As per credible reports, AEC shares PLC’s ambitions and welcomes the media firm’s headship in backing the investment and growth of Africa’s energy industry.

Moreover, AEC has taken firm steps by forming a continental platform like African Energy Week in Cape Town to promote open dialogues on energy for the help of Africa and the people.  

For the record, the partnership highlights another major milestone to distribute content and grow Africa’s energy future.

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