Absa accelerates digital business with cloud-based services deployment

Absa accelerates digital business with cloud-based services deployment

With Absa looking forward to intensifying its digital business, the big-four bank is reportedly speeding up its cloud adoption services presumed on the fifth industrial revolution technologies.

Jolande van der Hoek, Talent Acquisition Lead and Information and Technology Officer at Absa Group, drafted the bank’s cloud strategy. She mentioned that accelerating the process of cloud adoption will create a vital impact on Absa’s innovation ability, develop new skills in employees to contribute to future work, and provide new value plans for clients.

As per credible sources, Absa declared a cloud incubator initiative in partnership with Amazon Web Services in order to incorporate new skills in employees in cloud computing skills throughout its functions in Africa.

Van der Hoek stated that Absa is one of the largest users of cloud in Africa and cloud has become a strategic facilitator and supervises the functioning of bank and the way it enhances the customer experience.

Reportedly, the bank has been escalating the digital way to develop a marketplace bank experience suitable for the 21st century. It leverages increased and virtual reality throughout the digital platforms to enable consumers to navigate to banking and online systems.

According to credible sources, Absa has launched various services through collaborations with African fintech firms like Jumbo and Bolt.

Hoek added that enhancing skills of employees is potentially contributing to the firm’s vision. Absa is as well shifting its focus from the fourth industrial revolution to the 5IR in an attempt to become a digitally-empowered business.

Furthermore, nearly 1500 participants have completed their Absa Cloud Incubator training sessions, allowing the participants to pick out cloud opportunities and develop more accessible services and solutions for their clients.

For the record, Absa is trying to expand its digital collaboration throughout Africa with the help of HYBR and SystemicLogic which assist the bank in selecting potential partners.

Source Credit- https://www.itweb.co.za/content/KBpdg7pzL1XqLEew